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  • Unbelizeable!

    Sorry for the corny title but I’m still unable to resist substituting “Belize” for anything that even remotely rhymes....

    The Gift Of The Struggle

    One day a man saw a butterfly shuddering on the sidewalk, locked in a seemingly hopeless struggle to free...

What People Are Saying...

  • “Not only is the personalized fitness plan that Jason developed for me helping me get in the best shape of my life, being coached by him is helping me resolve some deep-seeded personal issues I’ve been dealing with for many years. Jason is a very powerful motivator and he has changed my life forever. Thank you, Jason…I am forever grateful.”

  • “Jason has been a friend and fellow Titanium coaching member of mine since the group started. In 2012 I was ready to get myself back in shape so I hooked up with Jason and he helped me figure out the plan- how I would lose the fat, replace it with muscle, and get myself younger. In the 9 months he helped me, I lost 60 pounds of body fat and did more in the gym than I had in years. Since then, if bad habits creep back in and I need correction, it’s been great to have him as a resource. I know what he’s done for me, and I’ve seen what he’s done for others.”

  • “I’m a diabetic and had some health issues so I asked Jason for help. He gave me some recommendations that I took to my personal physician and based upon what he gave me my physician agreed to change my medicine, my workout, and my diet and I can’t tell you how wonderful it’s been. My energy is up, my stamina is up, and I feel like I’m 20 years younger. If you get the chance to work with Jason I can’t recommend him enough.”

  • “Jason is a great kid and didn’t get into too much trouble as a youngster.  He swears he didn’t feed the dog his undesired leftovers under the kitchen table at dinner and his room was always clean.”

  • “Dr. Jason Wojo has helped me improve my body and quality of life. His customized approach, cobbled with vast knowledge of the human body has helped me not only lose weight but also keep it off. He also was able to identify, troubleshoot, and make insightful recommendations that helped me tremendously. His heartfelt passion really propelled me to not only reach – but exceed my goals. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about transformation to a healthier life.”

  • “We thoroughly enjoyed attending Jason’s presentation at a recent event. One of my frustrations with my own health research has been “Who can you trust?!” With so much conflicting info out there my confidence in conventional “wisdom” seems to be dwindling with each article I read! I highly respect Jason’s background and credentials as demonstrated in the vast content provided during his presentation. Not only that, he made it fun and inspiring which gave us just the kick we needed to get started with some significant changes with regard to our diet and daily exercise. It is such a relief to have a trusted resource to turn to as we finally commit to bettering our overall health.”

  • “Jason is the real deal who will challenge you to become your absolute very best YOU.”

  • “When it comes to fitness and nutrition, there is NO ONE better than Jason Wojo to help you get in shape as fast as humanly possible. Not only is he a champion bodybuilder, he’s also a Doctor on top of it! That’s a combination that’s almost unheard of. Anyone can give terrible advice. There’s no shortage of advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle. There is, however, a shortage of people that know how to combine healthy living with financial, spiritual, and mental success simultaneously. Jason delivers on all fronts. Not only does he have the credentials to back up the value he provides, the real proof in in the results he’s able to get from his students. If you’re looking for a coach to take you to the next level, Jason Wojo is THE man!”

  • “One thing that I’ve learned in my years of knowing Jason Wojo is that when he says something you should listen. I’ve seen him on numerous occasions listen to what someone’s challenges are and respond to them with a clearly thought out, very well reasoned response, that will make a difference to them. His personal experiences have allowed him to take what he has learned in his Doctoral studies and bring them into the day-to-day practical world in a way that many others can’t. I’ve derived great benefit in my life from having met Jason.”

  • “Jason is a dynamic speaker who knows his stuff. He wowed my audience and made a big difference in their lives with his contributions. His teachings of difficult topics were clear and coupled with practical how-to information that anyone can apply. I enjoy seeing his students transformed and I recommend him to everyone who is serious about changing their health and fitness to improve their life.”

  • “I’d had the privilege of getting to know Jason through the real estate industry and I can tell you that he is the REAL DEAL. Jason exhibits a contagious excitement and passion in all areas of his life, as well as the lives of others. You just can’t help but to be uplifted when you are in his presence. If you have the opportunity, you must align yourself with Jason in some way. I am glad to call him my friend.”